Every year, KTM organizes a series of adventure rallies across the world and takes riders through the wilderness in the United States, in Canada, Down Under, and in Europe. The last event on the 2019 calendar was in New Zealand and now, KTM is prepping the 2020 lineup of destinations and it’s starting with a bang: in June 2020, interested riders will get to explore Greece. 

The first destination for the fourth edition of the European edition of the KTM Adventure Rally has been confirmed for 2020. From June 9 to 12, participants will get to explore the sector of Nafpaktos in Greece. For the sum of €600 ($660), the riders will get to participate in an intensive three-day of off-road riding through the Greek landscape. The trail has been designed to accommodate every level of rider from beginner to seasoned. The price of the program includes a GPS, a set of adapted Continental tires, three lunches, and two dinners. 

The motorcycles are not provided but owners of any off-road-capable KTM of 640cc and over (the company also recently added 390 to the list with the introduction of the 390 Adventure) are invited to join. The bike must have a range of at least 155 miles. Riders must also have full insurance and full gear to participate. 

Accommodation is not included in the price of the package but KTM has reserved rooms in four hotels located at a walking distance from the rally’s starting point. Riders who wish to get the services of a tour guide will pay an extra €150 ($165) for the three days. 

Bookings for the 2020 European edition of the Adventure Rally will open in January. Locations for the U.S., Canadian, and Australian events have yet to be announced but you can bet it will be somewhere rugged and rocky. 


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