Swedish company Cake launched its new Ösa motorcycle at EICMA, and it is everything you imagine an electric motorbike from Sweden to be.

The Ösa will be available as the 30 mph Ösa Lite or the 63 mph Osa+. The Ösa Lite is classified as a motor-driven cycle, while the Ösa+ is a motorcycle.

Both versions will have on and off-road capability, with 14-inch spoked wheels and dual-purpose tires. The Ösa+ has a conventional style triple tree and fork set up, while the Ösa Lite’s set up is a single crown much like a mountain bike.

There are two battery options: 1.5 Kilowatt Hour and 2.5 kWh and the engine motor is good for 10 kw (13 horsepower) of peak power. Continuous power is listed as 4 kw (5 hp) for the for Ösa Lite and 7 kw (9.5 hp) for the Ösa+. Claimed range for either bike is 63 miles but it isn’t clear if that’s with the small or large battery. Either way, it's unlikely you'd get the same range from the higher output motor as the lower if you're using it in real world conditions. It takes three hours to charge the Ösa to 100 percent from a standard outlet.

Curiously, both models are listed as the same weight, 143 pounds before battery, despite the more robust suspension of the motorcycle model. The batteries add 26.5 and 37.5 lb for the 1.5 kwh and 2.5hkw units respectively.

The main frame member also forms the backbone of a modular clamp-on system which Ösa says can be used in 1,000 configurations. There are a ton of baskets, tool belts, and bags ready to be clipped on or off at will; but probably not all at once, because there are lots and it would impact range a lot.

You can use the Ösa as a mobile power station to temporarily power small appliances. The easy-access to the battery makes us wonder if the Ösa will be a candidate for swappable batteries in the future, which would make it a good option for delivery fleets of all kinds. 

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