Indian motorcycle manufacturer Jawa has announced a limited-edition motorcycle to commemorate the company’s 90th anniversary. The bike will pay homage to the 500 OVH motorcycle made by Jawa in 1929, but will be completely modern underneath its retro skin.

Jawa released a commercial for Indian television where we’re able to see the vintage-inspired motorcycle in all its glory. Mechanically, the limited edition is just a Jawa 300. The company hasn’t changed anything for the Anniversary motorcycle, focusing instead on making it look the part. The bike sports a two-tone dark red and cream paint job, a black leather seat, a 90th Anniversary Edition sticker, and a label that shows which of the 90 total production bikes you have.

To get your hands on one of the Anniversary bikes, you’ll either have to already own a Jawa or have ordered one before October 15, 2019. Even then, the company will hold a drawing to determine who will have the privilege of purchasing a bike. There’s no word on when the limited-edition models will be produced or delivered, but we hope they will be immune to the company’s well-documented history of delivery challenges.

It’s a little odd for the company to release a limited-edition bike with such a small production run, given the fact that Jawa can’t deliver on the orders for their normal product line. People that ordered a Jawa back in January 2019 are still waiting for their motorcycles months later, and many have reported that the company has missed delivery date after delivery date. The company says it has plans to release three more bikes next year, so they’ve either decided that they’re ok with extended delays in delivering product or there’s a plan to build a second production facility.

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