Last week, Kawasaki shared its first video teaser of what we suspect to be a brand-new model added to its lineup. The video showed the brand’s famous green Z superimposed on a supercharger turbine animation, leading us to believe there’s an H2-based hypernaked in the works. Kawasaki has now released a second teaser video with a first peek at some of the new model’s features and the new bike is expected to debut on October 23. 

The metallic lime green chassis framing the “supercharger” cover, a cowl sporting the stylized H2 logo, the “Ultimate Z” tagline—yep! There’s a Z-H2 coming. In case “supercharger” and “Z” in the same teaser didn’t make that clear enough in the first video. 

On Monday, Kawasaki unveiled a new teaser for its supercharged naked with a few additional hints pointing to an aggressive design, similar to the Ninja’s, with massive air intake—with matching green mesh. There are two headlamps, consistent with Kawasaki’s Sugomi aesthetic that has inspired the design of all the Z family members, with a pointy “nose” framing the lamps. 

A quick peek at the TFT panel indicates the bike will feature such technologies as cruise control and electronic traction control and of course, ABS. 

In true teaser form, we only get to see some of the new model’s key elements—the silhouette and the look will have to wait to October 23, which incidentally is also opening day at the Tokyo Motor Show. 

Should the H2 supercharged engine remain unchanged, the naked H2 is expected to offer similar specs to its Ninja counterpart, a 998cc inline-four, supercharged of course. 

We suspect the Z-H2 will become the lineup’s new flagship naked model, sitting above the Z900 rather than replacing it. Like with the Ninja, racing variations could also eventually be expected to offer speed junkies a new alternative. So, are you ready for the “ultimate Z”? 


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