Hold my Gatorade.

What do Marc Marquez and Lewis Hamilton have in common? While the two racing champions fare from very different disciplines, they actually have a lot more in common than it seems. They are both at the peak of their racing careers, have both won Grand Prix (MotoGP and Formula 1), they both ride motorcycles, and have both driven a Formula 1 car at least once in their life—make that a few hundred times for Hamilton. MotoGP board leader Marc Marquez playfully challenged his F1 counterpart to a two-fold duel: a race in a Formula1 car and a race on motorcycles.  

The two racers are having very strong 2019 seasons in their respective series. Both have also had an opportunity to crossover to the “other side” last year. For Marquez, his partnership with RedBull allowed him to get some sitting time in the Toro Rosso Formula 1 car and got to take it out on the track to complete 40 laps around the Red Bull Ring. The young MotoGP racer has even been approached to make an official transition to F1, a flattering offer he turned down—for now—commenting that the transition would be difficult. 

As for Lewis, he got a chance to show his motorcycle racing chops at Jerez on a Superbike prior to the series 2019 season, in December. He was also spotted attending the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix in March during which he told the media that his dream was to pilot a MotoGP race bike. 

During the Silverstone event of August 24, Marquez told the Daily Mail that he would love to see what Hamilton is able to do and to get a chance to measure up to him. "Face-to-face, first an F1 car and then a motorbike because I know he is riding,” he added. It didn’t take long for Hamilton to accept the challenge. 

There is already talk of a Hamilton-Rossi seat swap, so why not a Hamilton-Marquez duel. Who do you think would do better? Marquez in an F1 or Hamilton on a bike?

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