The electric motorcycle field just keeps growing more exciting by the day. Sure, we have electric-only manufacturers like Energica, Zero, and Cake. Then we have KTM and Harley, who have cautiously put out one electric model each, alongside their existing internal-combustion-engined lineup. Other outliers pop up occasionally as well—but few are as intriguing as the Sur-Ron Booom Bee [sic]. 

EV Nerds obtained spy shots and a very short spy video of the Booom Bee testing at an industrial park in Chongqing shortly before Sur-Ron officially announced that it was coming. From the spy shots, we can see that this upcoming electric supermoto has a bigger battery than its Light Bee, and also that it has ABS. The video is very short and far away, but still thrilling to see it in action.




Although the company has confirmed that this bike exists and is coming, no official stats have been released yet. As this is moto world, there are plenty of rumors to go around—including that the official unveiling could happen at EICMA later this year. 

Gallery: Sur-Ron Testing New Booom Bee Supermoto

EV Nerds also listed a bunch of unconfirmed stats for two different setups of the Booom Bee, as follows. Top speed in sport mode is listed as 90km/h for the 72V version (around 56mph), and 100km/h for the 96V version (around 62mph). Meanwhile, top speed in turbo mode is listed as 100km/h for the 72V version (around 62mph), and 110km/h for the 96V version (around 68mph). Range is only listed for the 72V version, and is said to be greater than or equal to 125km at 50km/h (or 77.6 miles at 31mph). At this point, I must stress that all of this is speculation, and none of these details have been confirmed. 

If these details are accurate, the top speed numbers don’t quite stack up to what would probably be its closest competitor in the US market, the Zero FXS—but that claimed range looks pretty good. For comparison, in 2019, Zero claims that the FXS ZF3.6 modular version has a range of 50 city miles and 20 highway miles, and the ZF7.2 modular version has a range of 100 city miles and 40 highway miles. 

Then again, we also have no idea what pricing will be like for the Booom Bee, and it’s way too early to speculate on what competition it will actually be up against once the thing is available for purchase. Also, the top speed differences may not matter all that much, since that’s not why anyone would be buying this type of bike, anyway. 

Photos: Sur-Ron on IG

Sources: EV Nerds, Facebook, Sur-Ron, Zero

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