Since it announced its master plan to take on the new 21st Century trends, there’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding future Harley-Davidson models. From push bike to electric scooters to strange racing partnerships, the brands seems to be trying to cover all the basis and diversify its exposure. Along with the announcement, the company also teased the addition of new models, far from the usual cruiser. The polarizing Pan America was on the list with a scheduled launch date of 2020. Looks like Harley is on schedule to make its first adventure bike happen.

In fact, during a show seemingly hosted at the Wisconsin Centre, Harley-Davidson brought a prototype of the Pan America to put on display. The vehicle on display is a copy-paste of the design the company introduced last year. From the shape of the exposed tubular frame, to the quirky rectangular headlight, to the skid plate design, to the square saddle. There’s been very little variation in the look of the future model since it was first announced.

What director Jason described as the lovechild of a Road Glide and an Africa Twin is expected to use a « new 1,250cc V-twin mill » and that it is built on a new modular platform designed to accommodate displacements ranging from 500 to 1,250cc.

No other information is currently available about the model set to launch early 2020 alongside the Streetfighter 975 and Custom the company announced in parallel. Speak of the devil, the Streetfighter was also spotted at the same show looking about ready for production as well and also unchanged from the design introduced in 2018. If you like the look of the LiveWire but don’t want to commit to an electric motorcycle, the Streetfighter will be right up your alley.

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