Some say riding a Zero electric motorcycle to Montreal and back is foolhardy, but for these twins from the U.K, that would have been child’s play. The duo, Hugo and Ross Turner, spend their days trying to reach the innermost points of various continents.

Their journey to “poles of inaccessibility” has taken them to the center of Australia, North America and South America – and now, to the Iberian pole that marks the middle of Spain. For the trip, the twins opted for Zero DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest motorbikes, complete with top and side panniers, and crash cages.

The route from the London Transport Museum to the center of Spain is more than 1,500 miles. For the brothers, that meant 27 stops, for a total of 59 hours of recharging, and 7 days to complete the journey. That means covering about 215 miles per day. The Turners rode through France, across the spectacular Pyrenees and into the center of Spain. The Zeros were tested in rainy, sub-50 degree temperatures and dry, dusty 100-degree plus conditions alike. Long stretches of the odyssey took part cross-country, giving the bikes a proper test off road.

To help with charging, both bikes were fitted with Zero’s optional Type 2 Charge Tank, which allows the 14.4kwh battery to be charged to 95 percent capacity in an hour. Despite that, about one third of the travel time was spent waiting for the bikes to charge. The rest was spent riding, as well as filming and photography for the brothers’ travel blog. 

This new era of electrification has a lot in common with the earliest days of motorcycling. As infrastructure and technology advance, the boundaries of what can be accomplished on an electric motorcycle, and how fast, are questions with ever-changing answers. For many, the birth of electric motorcycling is a new era in pioneering.

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