BMW isn’t lacking for R NineT variants. From the Scrambler to the Racer, most riders can find a version that speaks to their riding needs and sensibilities. In addition to the five production models, BMW frequently leverages the versatile platform for anniversary editions like the R NineT/5. Now, BMW France is recognizing its rally roots by offering the R NineT Urban G/S Dakar Series # 1. Sadly, unless you’re in France, you can’t have one. 

Launched in honor of Hubert Auriol, winner of the 1981 and 1983 Paris Dakar Rallies, the limited run Urban G/S borrows design cues from his legendary BMW R 80 G/S, Le Point. The Dakar Series #1 features a gold front rim, silver valve covers, new side covers, and a single-rider bench seat. 

The special paint scheme mimics Auriol’s rally-winning bike with a white base, blue trim, and yellow lettering. Regretfully, Urban G/S branding takes the place of the famous Le Point text across the tank—probably for rights purposes. 

BMW France also replaces Auriol’s iconic no. 100 race plate with a commemorative no. 83, celebrating the year of his final Paris Dakar motorcycle victory. An engraved plaque graces the top of each gas tank and bears the name and signature of the storied racer. 

Gallery: BMW France R NineT Urban G/S Dakar Series # 1

The BMW R NineT Urban G/S Dakar Series # 1 will cost €18,500, which converts to around $20,700. With only 40 units in production and exclusively offered to the French market, most of us can only dream of owning the nostalgic NineT. 

While the Urban G/S may not hold up Paris Dakar terrain, it serves as a suitable canvas for this exercise in design. The silhouette of the R NineT suits the lines of Auriol’s G/Ses and BMW France employs a high level of craft and attention to detail. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an Urban G/S Dakar Series # 1, you’ll certainly stand out among the army of R NineTs. 

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