We've already shown you Ilmberger Carbon's extensive makeover of the Ducati Panigale V4. And now, for something completely different. That same treatment has now been applied to a rather different bike, the BMW R nineT Urban G/S.

This build takes the attractive but rather ordinary looking R nineT Urban G/S and turns it into something truly special. The bike gets a wide variety of carbon fiber trim pieces in all the right places, making it look far more exclusive and expensive than the bike actually is. There's nothing gaudy here, though. Every piece of carbon fiber matches the lines of the original bike well. This, rather than razzle-dazzle, is much of the bike's appeal.

The alternator and starter get hidden behind carbon fiber panels, as does part of the frame. Carbon fiber fuel tank protectors cover the painted portion of the tank that you grip with your knees, as well as a tasteful trim panel down the center for appearance alone. A headlight surround continues the carbon fiber theme to the front of the bike, while a rear mudguard significantly cuts down on weight from the stock unit. Each cylinder head gains a cover on the lower half as well, which not only looks good but also protects the heads from damage in case you lean into a corner a little too far. A carbon fiber exhaust tip, tail section, and even a rear brake line protector for the swingarm are all there as well. All and all of these parts are available for purchase through Ilmberger through its website.

There are reasons why BMW commissioned Ilmberger to create the body panels for the $78,000 HP4 Race. The company knows what it's doing when it comes to carbon fiber, and has proven it once again on the more affordable R nineT.

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December 18, 2018
Ilmberger Carbon's BMW R nineT Urban G/S Build
Since founded in Germany in 1990 by motorcycle racer Julius Ilmberger, Ilmberger Carbon has become the go-to destination for premium motorcycle brands when they want the ultimate in carbon fiber parts on their special edition offerings. When BMW Motorrad created their $78,000 HP4 Race it was Ilmberger that was commissioned to create the all-carbon body panels.
Ilmberger latest build is the BMW R nineT Urban G/S Carbon, which has become one of the most popular recent builds. 
Some of the highlights of the BMW R nineT Urban G/S full carbon include: Alternator cover, Mudguards, Fuel Tank Protectors, Headlight Cover, Frame Covers, Mudguards, Rocker Covers, Starter Cover and Exhaust Protector.
The attention to detail and precision carbon fiber manufacturing at Ilmberger is truly impressive. Attached are a few images of the stunning R nineT Urban G/S Carbon.
Ilmberger uses superior autoclave carbon process with highest standard in prepreg weaving. This process creates the lightest and toughest carbon fiber pieces that are UV resistant. All their parts are TUV and ABE approved and are environmentally friendly.
Ilmberger also provides carbon fiber parts direct to riders and whether they order one part or an entire carbon bike package they are shipped to the US with free Fedex shipping.
Ilmberger website: www.Ilmberger-Carbon.com
For additional information please contact uspress@ilmberger-carbon.com
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Katie Milner
Ilmberger US Press
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