Ducati fans, bike fans, and trackday fans: rejoice! Ducati has announced new dates for its 2019 Ducati Revs tour. The tour provides participants with expert instruction from world-class riders like Roger Lee Hayden and Eric Bostrom, as well as the opportunity to test some of Italy’s finest on closed-course race tracks across the U.S, and one in Canada.

This is the 14th edition of the tour, which began in Mid Ohio in 2016. This year, it all kicks off at the New York Safety Track in Jefferson, NY on August 11-12.

One week later, the tour will be over in western Canada at Area 27 in British Columbia, before heading down to Virginia International Raceway. The tour concludes at Homestead International Raceway in Florida on December 6.

Riders can register via a participating Ducati dealer. Pricing hasn’t been announced but was $300 for most events in 2018.

2019 Ducati Revs Tour Schedule

August 11-12 – Ducati Revs Northeast – New York Safety Track (Jefferson, NY)
Instructors: Roger Lee Hayden, Corey Alexander

August 18 – Ducati Revs Canada – Area 27 (Oliver, BC)
Instructor: Jake Zemke

September 2 to 3 – Ducati Revs Mid-Atlantic – Virginia International Raceway (Alton, VA)
Instructor: Jake Zemke

September 16 – Ducati Revs Northwest – The Ridge Motorsports Park (Shelton, WA)
Instructor: Jake Zemke

September 20 – Ducati Revs California – Fontana Raceway (Fontana, CA)
Instructor: Eric Bostrom

September 23 – Ducati Revs Midwest – Grattan Motor Speedway (Belding, MI)
Instructor: Jason DiSalvo

September 23 – Ducati Revs Southeast – Barber Motorsports Park (Leeds, AL)
Instructor: Jake Zemke

December 6 – Ducati Revs Miami – Homestead International Raceway (Homestead, FL)
Instructor: Jake Zemke

Riding a Ducati on a race track is enough of a dream for most people. Throw in instruction from some of North America’s best-ever riders and this event is not one to be missed. If you own leathers – and even if you don’t – you should check this one out. 

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