Have you ever seen a police officer astride a Harley-Davidson, and thought, “Lol! I could outrun them any day”? In Oklahoma, there was a time when the police packed a far more formidable weapon. It was a great cop story, a bad guy turned good sort of thing. See, the OHP pulled this Suzuki Hayabusa from the impound lot and turned its life around.

The 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R pressed into service sported a 1,298 cc inline-four, good for 173 hp and 100 lb-ft of torque. That propelled this 550-pound behemoth to speeds of over 190 mph—at the time enough to make it the fastest production bike in the world. The bike that famously headlined the Laurence Fishburne film, Biker Boyz has a cult following, especially among tuners and modifiers in the U.S.

The OHP didn’t add UV lights, chrome, or a horrible extended swingarm to their bike but they did add some small touches. First, they fitted it with radar, panniers, and police paint. Then, they sent their officers to the California Superbike School for expert training, and then… a lot of people went to jail. Well, maybe. Adding the panniers likely increased weight, but while this bike sported a stock exhaust, we’re pretty sure the cops gave the engine a little bit of a light kiss to up the ante. Long story short: don’t even try!

Try as we might, there is no database for “confirmed arrests per vehicle” so we don’t actually know how many would-be runners were hunted down by this ‘Busa. Rest assured though, its presence on the side of the road would deter even the most idiotic of speeders. 

Oklahoma wasn’t the only police department to somehow convince their superiors to run a Hayabusa. Cops in Humberside, in the United Kingdom also used one in 2009. Arguably, theirs was cooler, as it was used in Operation Achilles. That operation saw the ‘Busa as an undercover unit filming speeding bikes and cars for later prosecution.

Maybe that should be the inspiration for a Biker Boyz sequel? 

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