Front and rear-facing cameras set it apart from other HUD units.

You may remember when Justin first told you about the upcoming Argon Transform HUD unit back in January. At the time, details about the unit were thin on the ground. Now, we’re pleased to report, we have more information to share with you. 

For starters, the Argon Transform was fully funded on IndieGoGo, mere days after launching its crowdfunding campaign. Clearly, riders are thirsty for a unit like this. It seems not dissimilar to the Nuviz HUD that was introduced a couple of years ago, except that the Transform adds a rear-facing camera as well.

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The Transform unit features a translucent AR display and can, according to its creators,display GPS in both simplified and full map navigation views. It can also toggle between video and photo camera capture using the included front and rear-mounted cameras. On top of that, you can talk on your smartphone, listen to music, and communicate with just one other rider wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

Additionally, there’s a handlebar-mounted BT control unit so you don’t have to fumble with your phone. The Transform’s battery life is listed as lasting between five and eight hours, and it charges via USB C cable that plugs into either a wall adapter or your computer. 

Both the front and rear cameras are 5MP. Video resolution is 1280x720p at 30fps, while still image capture is 1920x1080. The unit accepts SD cards up to 64GB. In total, both the front and rear units and the mount for your helmet weigh 350g, which is just over 12 ounces. 

It’s unclear whether the BT comm function in the Transform will communicate with other BT comm devices, like the much more common Cardo and Sena units your friends might have. Also, the Transform can only currently link up with one other rider for BT comms functionality, which isn’t great for group rides. 

For me personally, answering the phone while I’m out riding kind of defeats the purpose. Still, I understand why plenty of people would want to make calls. It’s a small thing, but I hope you can turn the call functionality off, but still access maps, talk to your riding buddy, and use the cameras. If this unit works the way it claims, and this entire project comes to fruition—that would be a great feature to have.

As you would hope, the Transform was designed to be both dustproof and weatherproof. Estimated ship date is some time in February 2020. Although the funding target has already been met, units are still available for purchase if you want one, and the company is offering worldwide shipping. A single unit costs $397 USD, but dual and multi-packs for retailers are also available. 

Will this project change the lives of motorcyclists who use it for the better? It’d be great if it did, but we won’t know for sure until the finished units start showing up in people’s mailboxes. 

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