If you ride an unusual motorcycle, you know the drill. People come up to you wherever you are parked and want to have a conversation with you about your bike.

This happened so regularly to a friend of mine who rode a Ural sidecar hack, that she began to build “talk time” into all her trips, since she would inevitably sidelined for half an hour during every gas stop that would otherwise be a five-minute transaction. You've probably experienced this just by dint of riding a motorcycle, any motorcycle at all.

This guy, though, is ready for it. He has obviously had this happen so many times, at this point he’s just showing off. And wouldn’t you?

That bike he’s riding is no slouch, and it’s very unusual. Before the video starts, the narrator has parked his own bike, heard the star of the video pull in on his bike and went to talk to him, because the noise that thing made was so unusual.

First, this bike is powered by a Chevrolet 427ci LS7 V-8 crate engine with twin superchargers. If you’re wondering, 427ci is 6,997ccs. That engine puts out 1200hp. The bike itself is absolutely enormous and has a massive rear tire. The rider claims he can smoke that rear tire at 100mph, and I do not doubt it. I imagine a custom motorcycle like this does not have a lot of electronic nannies installed, so keeping the rear tire from spinning must be a constant chore. In this case, the heavier the better, just to keep that tire connected to the road.

On top of all that, the bike has nitrous canisters mounted on the back, just in case the rider feels like he doesn’t quite have enough power. Instead of a clutch, since what motorcycle clutch could handle delivering 1200hp to the rear wheel and last more than a week, the bike has a 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. With the amount of torque the machine must deliver, the rider almost doesn’t need a transmission at all; just spin that enormous motor up!

In case you’re drooling and you think you might need one of these things too, especially with that rad flame paint job, first consider its fuel efficiency. I know, nobody who owns a contraption like this one probably cares about things like this, but the bike has an eight gallon gas tank and has a sixty (yes, 60) mile range. So, it will go very fast in a straight line for a short distance, and you’d better hope there’s a gas station nearby at the end of it all.

The sound of it, though, is absolutely intoxicating.

Source: YouTube

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