There's nothing like a hands-on demo to build rider confidence.

Some of you might remember when we told you a month ago that Damon Motorcycles will be at the TechCrunch Sessions in San Jose, CA on July 10, 2019. We’ve now got more information on what’s happening at the event—and how you can possibly go for a test ride if you’ll be on the west coast.

At the 2019 edition of TechCrunch Sessions, Damon plans to unveil what it calls its “proof-of-concept Halo bike” at their Mobility event. Over 1,000 people are expected to attend, and afterward, Damon is taking the bike on tour. While the company was scant on specifics about the names of the cities it will be visiting, it said that it will be visiting “major cities” on the west coast from July 11 through 14. We don’t know if these “major cities” are strictly limited to California, or will include something like Seattle since the firm is based in Vancouver.

There’s a URL at the end of the video above inviting you to sign up to become a beta-tester, but it unfortunately gives no more specifics than Damon has done elsewhere. I’m guessing that the company might be employing purposeful vagueness as a way of gauging interest throughout North America, and perhaps even traveling elsewhere if this first run of demo rides is successful. 

While I’m only speculating about that, I am completely certain that there are riders who would welcome the chance to check out any existing tech that Damon has developed, but who are also located in places other than the west coast of the US.

Also, according to the company, it already has some major police forces in line to consider Damon’s 360º Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM) for future inclusion in their fleets. The company also says that it’s in talks with “some major manufacturers” about future integration of this system on upcoming models—because, as you’ll recall, this tech wasn’t intended to be bike-specific.

Are you interested in what Damon says it has developed? Why or why not? Would you jump on a demo if it was located and timed conveniently for you?

Source: Damon Motorcycles

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