Time to show off your pride and joy.

There’s an art behind motorcycle customization. It’s more than just a pretty paint job or a new set of wheels—some shops take it much further by reinventing bikes entirely. Being able to understand how the starting vehicle works and either enhance or modify its personality takes a keen eye. That vision then needs to take shape and ultimately, it all has to work—both the design and the bike itself. If you and your team have unlocked the “bike customization” achievement, this could be your chance to gain a little more than your friends’ recognition. How about getting a chance to show off your work at EICMA?

Michelin has recently launched a motorcycle customization contest online. Dealers, shops, and individuals alike are invited to submit their creations for a panel of judges and the public to vote on. Whether you’ve done the work yourself in the garage behind your house or with an entire team of professionals behind you, anyone from anywhere in the world is welcomed. 

There are three categories available: Cruiser Style, Scrambler Vibes, and Bike to the Future. As the very self-explanatory names suggest, the contest is open to cruiser, scrambler, and futuristic designs, meaning your custom bikes has to fit in one of these boxes. 

People interested in entering their designs in the contest have until July 8, 2019 to submit their project. Voting will then take place online. Both the votes of the public and of the judges will be taken into account in equal measure to name a winner in each category. 

The names of the winners will be announced at EICMA, in November 2019. Winners will not only get exposure at the most important motorcycle show of the year but also receive a set of tires adapted to the style of the custom; Michelin Commander 2 for the cruiser, Michelin Anakee Adventure or Anakee Wild for the scrambler, and Michelin Road 5, Road 5 Trail, or Power RS/RS + for the winning futuristic design. 

So, does your design have what it takes? 

Source: Michelin

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