By now, it’s pretty clear that you don’t even need to be Rickey Gadson to dominate the competition if you’re riding a Kawasaki H2 at a drag strip most of the time. Still, there’s an added layer of something extra cold about seemingly playing cat-and-mouse with your opponent—especially when it's a Ducati Panigale V4. Is the H2 even sandbagging a little? Hard to say.

The H2 rider pops a couple of tiny wheelies along the way to crossing that finish line first. It almost looks as though the H2 rider has the Panigale V4 exactly where he wants him, and so is trying not to totally destroy him. Maybe the two riders are best friends off the track, and the H2 was doing the Panigale V4 a favor? All I can say is, they’re probably not brothers, because any self-respecting brother would be utterly overjoyed to mop the floor with your time any day, any hour.

It could be the Panigale V4 rider simply got off to a bad start—it happens. Of course, if you already love the Panigale V4 or the H2, then one simple, straightforward video of a drag race from Mission Raceway Park in British Columbia, Canada is highly unlikely to change your feelings either way. It’s almost painful to watch how hard the Panigale V4 is trying. It totally wants to get there, and maybe if it wasn’t a quarter-mile, it would do the job—but alas.

We don’t know how stock either of these bikes is, nor how much comparative drag racing experience these two riders have. Learning to control that much power if that’s a new bike for either rider could be a challenge. In any case, depending on how much of a perfectionist that Panigale V4 rider is, he might have just left that track, never to return—or else he’s formulating a plan to come back and take that H2 rider down a peg or three.

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