The crowd gathered at Bert’s Black Widow Harley-Davidson in Port Charlotte, Florida, got a bad surprise when they turned up for an outdoor concert hosted by the dealership. On Sunday, June 9, Catherine Allford drove her gray 2017 Fiat 124 Spider through the waiting crowd, reportedly hitting two people—and driving over one man’s foot.

According to the Charlotte Sun, a Harley-Davidson employee tried to stop her from leaving by physically blocking her car, but Allford continued to drive around her. The literal party crasher then threw her car in reverse and tried to get out that way, but by that time, bystanders had surrounded the vehicle and wouldn’t let her leave. From the video above recorded by local news station Fox 4, it appears that Allford’s wheels were also stuck in the mud by this point.

By the time the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on scene, Allford was sitting in her car with the engine still running. She visibly attempted to hide something, and was also crying, according to the police report obtained by the Charlotte Sun. When the deputy asked her to exit the vehicle, she refused.

One deputy tried to physically bring her out of the car, but Allford “pulled away and went limp” according to the official police report on the incident. That’s when the $10K bundles of US currency began to fall out of her dress and hit the ground.

According to the Miami Herald, the concert that day was headlined by “American Idol” alum Travis “Billy Bob” Evett, a local country singer. He was also the man whose foot Allford had run over when she plowed through the crowd. The CCSO told the Herald that no one besides Evett was hurt during the incident.

CCSO officers arrested Allford on two DUI charges—one for alcohol or drugs, and one for damage to property or person. She was also arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of a crash involving injuries, as well as a fourth charge for refusal to submit to DUI testing after her license was suspended. Allford was later released on $15,000 bond, according to her booking sheet.

In total, police found $110,000 on Allford’s person or in her vehicle. To explain the large amount of cash, she informed the police that she was a realtor—which is confirmed by her booking sheet.  Regarding all her other behavior, Allford stated that she’d recently had back surgery and “probably took too many pain pills.”

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the bike or off the bike—if you’re as impaired as this driver was, you may not even give 11 bundles of tightly wadded hundred dollar bills if you hit someone or not.

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