Once upon a time, you had to do a bunch of math and possibly upgrade your bike’s alternator or other charging system in order to add a bunch of (or any, sometimes) auxiliary lighting. With the advent of LEDs, this is not the case anymore. To a point you can plug as many LEDs as can fit on your motorcycle into its wiring harness and you won’t ruin the battery or tax the charging system.

More lights are good, especially rear-facing lights, since a large danger to motorcyclists in all the states where we cannot legally lane split or filter, is getting rear-ended by car drivers who have their head in the clouds (actually more likely their phone). Enter these Bag Blades. Yes, there are a ton of lighting products on the market for your 20-year-old or newer Harley, and these are plus one.

Ciro Harley Bag Blades Lights

If your Harley-Davidson bagger or tourer needs extra lighting on its saddlebags, that’s where these “Bag Blades” come in. They mount unobtrusively with double-sticky mounting tape just under the bag lid, and function as brake lights, running lights, and turn signals. The company makes a ton more Harley-Davidson specific products, and if you don’t have a Harley and like these lights, with some creative wiring you can probably make them work for your application, too.

You can combine these lights with other OEM or aftermarket lighting options available, or anything Ciro makes; they are brand agnostic when it comes to working with a bike’s existing wiring. You can set up the rear-end of your bike to light up like a carnival ride every time you touch your brakes. These days, when literally every other person sharing the road with you is paying more attention to that little phone screen than they are to piloting their vehicle, and least of all you, the more lights the better. Perhaps we should suggest to Ciro that they should program some LED strips to light up in “chaser” mode like Christmas lights. Anything to get a cager’s attention, right?

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Ciro LED Bag Blades® are one of the cleanest ways to add light to the back of your bike. The low profile light housings sit just below the lid of your saddlebag to blend seamlessly into the back of the bike. Bag Blades® feature Ciro’s proprietary new lighting controller for the 2014-up Harley-Davidson Touring models. Designed to work on their own or with other Ciro lighting products, these super bright, run, brake, and sequential amber or all red turn signals will make sure you are seen day or night.

Installation is easy with 3M automotive grade adhesive. Simple plug-and-play wiring means no splicing and allows the saddlebags to be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.

Ciro has fitments from 1997-2017. See www.ciro3d.com for all of the options. Contact Ciro with any questions (715) 808-0027.

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