Whether or not you have any appreciation for motorcycling whatsoever, you can still thoroughly enjoy watching trials riding. The riders’ ability to negotiate their nimble machines up vertical surfaces, over rocks, or across narrows obstacles is genuinely mind-blowing. The degree of precision—in terms of throttle and brake control as well as body positioning and technique—exhibited by professional-level riders is almost otherworldly. So it’s no surprise when videos of trials action go viral, which appears to be where this recently uploaded 11-minute clip is heading.

Posted to YouTube by channel, Brap Nation, the footage shows riders tackling both natural obstacles along with purpose-built trials courses like the ones used during professional competition—most of which resemble half-completed construction sites. It can be easy to forget that these guys are piloting 150-250lb, internal combustion engine-powered machines, considering they boast the type of balance and finesse usually reserved for pedal-powered bike riding.

The motos used are unique as they lack any components not vital to dedicated trials riding, the most obvious of which are the seat and a traditional tank. The chassis and suspension are engineered to afford optimal feel, giving riders the traction (and confidence) hardcore trials riding necessitates. The simultaneous and finely controlled use of the throttle and brakes—while pre-compressing the suspension—is difficult to wrap your head around, but hot damn is it fun to watch.

Though the information about the riders in the video is essentially nonexistent, it does appear based on the bikes and gear that most, if not all, of the riders seen in the compilation are pro-level—not to mention their bonkers skills. While I’ve never ridden a trials bike and I have no plans on changing that anytime soon, I’ll never pass up an opportunity to watch some good old fashion trials motorcycle action. Enjoy…

Source: Brap Nation

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