Hey Houston-area residents, keep an eye out for these stolen bikes. Danny Erdeljac, the owner of Rio Bravo Motocross Park, is angry that his property has been robbed twice now.

In the wee hours of Monday morning March 11, thieves broke into his garage and stole $50,000 worth of equipment and vehicles including a 250 Honda, 230 Honda, a 2018 Yamaha Viking along with various lawn equipment and generators.

This isn’t the first time thieves have broken into his property, though. He’s had 20 vehicles stolen over 18 months.

“It’s tearing me up because I have put my life into this place,” said Erdeljac. “It’s just another robbery to them. To us, it takes away everything we’ve built.” He said that the suspects used a ladder that was outside the garage to access a vent on the back of the building. “They didn’t go through the doors,” he said, “they unscrewed the big exhaust vent in the back of the building and went through that.”

He has owned the property since 2008. He restored the track to what it looked like back in the ‘70s and uses the property to host motocross events, camps, mud runs, corporate events and more.

Once the suspects crawled through the exhaust vent, they used bolt cutters to open the garage doors to drag the motorcycles and equipment out of the garage. They then cut the ignition on a four-wheeler and a side-by-side, tossed the motorcycles onto the backs of those vehicles, and drove all of the stolen goods away. The motorcycles had locks on them so they could not roll, but that did not deter the thieves.

Erdeljac is convinced it is a group of people who are familiar with the property since they have come back twice and seem to know their way around.

He has posted some pictures of the stolen motorcycles on the “blog” section of his website, so take a look and keep an eye out for them if you’re in the area.

Source: KPRC, Rio Bravo MX

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