“George Takei” walks you through the steps. Oh my!

Whether you need to change the brake pads on your 2004 Honda Rebel CMX250C or not, this video is worth watching only for how high it ranks on the entertainment scale.

The number of video tutorials on YouTube is staggering. There’s very little you won’t find a video for, whether you need to learn a specific skill for a specific model of vehicle or are hoping to learn something a little more generic. There’s nothing some dude in his garage with a digital camera on a tripod won’t show you how to do.

User Anson Hsu, however, approached the whole “tutorial” thing a little differently. While his channel is a hodgepodge of all sorts of things including fitness advice, traveling vlogs, singing recordings, and adventures of all genre, he also documents some of the work he puts on his Honda Rebel. One of his best videos—in my humble opinion—provides not only some great advice on how to change the front brake pads on a bike, but also gives you a few giggles. His informative video is a healthy balance between advice and humor—especially when the advice is provided in the voice of George Takei.

Granted, the video is “old news” and was posted back in December 2012, but entertainment never gets old! Anson has put together an informative how-to that shows the viewer some useful steps to changing brake pads. From the Mr. Sulu-esque intro to the comical listing of the required tools to the actual walkthrough. This guy has taken the how-to video to another level while still providing useful tips and tricks. What? You mean a teacher can actually be interesting to listen to? Heck yeah, he can be!

So get your Snap-On flat head screwdriver, your Ikea allen key. and your chainsaw, and get to work! Or just enjoy the video, like I did.

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