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I don’t know for you, but I’ve always found paper cars and bikes fascinating. While papercraft doesn’t have the level of glory of a proper scale model in the metal, there’s something fun and playful about building a tiny paper model of your favorite bike. Yamaha used to have an impressive collection of DIY paper model templates (which has sadly gone offline in September 2018). While small, scale models already require a fair bit of work and precision, imagine when the model is a full-scale bike. This is exactly the challenge a Brazilan artist has undertaken and the result is beyond impressive.

Brazilian artist and cardboard models maker identified on social media as Gabriel Ccb has quite the portfolio of cardboard reproductions—mainly musical instruments such as a violin and a trombone. While his instruments are already quite the impressive achievement, his most impressive yet has to be the full-scale reproduction of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

In the 30 minute-long video—which hints at how long the construction has taken—we get to watch Gabriel prepare all the pieces of the puzzle, from the brake discs, engine inners to the fully mobile, retractable side view mirrors, the level of detail is dizzying. The footpegs can be pulled up, the brake lever can be pressed down, the throttle can be twisted (and twists back into position when you released)... this is papercraft on steroids.  

Cardboard Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

This Ninja almost looks like it’s only missing a bit of gas to be ready to hit the road—almost. While the mixed colors of cardboard distract a little from the level of craftsmanship, Gabriel shared a picture of the painted model on his social media. Seeing what used to look like a Frankenstein creation finally painted in its proper grand-and-black KRT livery gives life to this bigger-than-life-size papercraft.

The video might be in Portuguese, but there’s no need to understand what is said to appreciate the amount and quality of work that has gone into this. Now to download the templates...

Source: YouTube/Nolcorp Arts

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