Even covered in a serious layer of dust, there is no doubt that this barn find' is in beautiful shape cosmetically. What isn’t quite as clear is exactly what precious British treasure this owner found in his friend’s dad’s garage (I want friends like his!), or whether it runs. 

A healthy discussion on Reddit started the speculation with "Birmingham Small Arms Company” (BSA).

Oh, and one more: this video from a very lucky American collector. His is a candy-apple red, 1967 (or maybe '66) Lightning possibly bought from either the original or second owner who’d had it since 1971. The odometer reads only 17,000 miles and it looks like it has all its original parts. This one also has the covered chain case, an indicator that it may have been built for a British rider, originally.


Whatever model this BSA might be, what is clear is that it is a gem and coveted by many. Time to go poking around more of our friend’s Dad’s barn find'.

Source: Reddit

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