While we all think mini bikes are absolutely adorable and not very serious, they benefit from a pretty serious cult following simply for being tiny and all around badass. They do say size doesn’t matter after all. This is reflected in the multiplying number of mini bike-specific events that are organized each year and if you’re ever in California at the end of March, here’s one you won’t want to miss: the Mini Massive 2019.

Organized by Moto Mass Society, this first edition of the Mini Massive celebrates all things tiny and scooting. Small bikes and scooters are the guests of honor for this 2-day event so start shining your Kawasaki Z125, Honda Groms and Monkeys, and Suzuki Van Vans—any bike and scooter of less than 399cc is welcome.

The event will take place in City of Industry, California on the weekend of March 30, 2019, at the Industry Hills Expo Center. Miniatures bikes will be on display for proud owners to show off their two-wheel pride and joy. If you have a customized ride, it’s even better! If you’re curious to see what your mini bike is truly capable of, enter the (most likely hilarious) 1/16-mile drag race.

Owners will also be able to partake in some stunting sessions—get those 12-inch front wheels off the ground as well as in time attack races around an autocross-style track. There will also be a ride out on March 31 for all owners to enjoy a proper Sunday ride.

Visitors and owners alike will also be invited to participate in a raffle for a chance to win motorcycle parts—it’s money for a good cause, all the proceeds of the raffle will be donated to a number of local charities including Del Haven Community Center, City of Hope, and Ride for Kids.

General admission is free and owners who wish to participate in the various competitions are required to register on the event’s Website. To your minis!

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