Dear readers,

Ah yes! The time has returned for us, your devoted RideApart team, to write you a heartfelt, sappy holiday letter. We might be a bunch of tough, rugged, badass rascals, but we have feelings too.

The holiday period has a bit of a special aura. We still enjoy winter and think snow is pretty because we’re not tired of shovelling just yet and we don’t miss our bikes too too much. Yet. It’s the time of year when family time takes on a new flavor, when red and sparkles are in fashion and when we’re allowed to believe in a bit of magic without sounding too dorky. We get to rejoice, spend quality time with our families, and stuff our faces to make the New Year’s resolutions worth it.

It is also a time to be thankful and at RideApart, we have much to be thankful for. We are thankful for everyone who stuck with us this year, for everyone who loves to love us and everyone who loves to hate us. You inspire us, keep us on our toes, call us out and make the Friday night wine and whiskey that much sweeter. You make RideApart alive and colorful and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

From our motorcycle family to yours, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas (or Festivus if you find the holidays too gushy). If you are lucky enough to live where winter means 68°F instead of 78, enjoy a Christmas ride for us, be safe on the roads and—putting our mom hat on—don’t drink and ride.

Enjoy the downtime and get ready for 2019, we’ve got a lot of amazing stuff to look forward to.

Happy holidays!

- The team at RideApart

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