Some do's, a lot of don't's.

There’s something mythical about the Dalton Highway and the concept of a motorcycle roadtrip in Alaska. The Jame W. Dalton Highway—Dalton for short—is even listed as one of the most dangerous roads in the world because of just how remote and isolated it is. While you’d expect most riders to take a few months to prepare and plan out for such a trip, others like Tim Diemer from the Tim and Fin YouTube channel decided to leave in the spur of the moment and shared his adventure.

We can’t say this couple doesn’t have a thirst for adventure. Its entire YouTube channel is dedicated to its world travels and RV adventures. With a pitstop in Alaska, hubby Tim decided out of the blue that he would rent a bike and tackle the Dalton Highway. The best part, and most likely the worst for him, is that as he leaves on his last-minute trip, he shows us pretty much everything he has done wrong (and some right) to get ready to head up to the Arctic circle.

He got his hands on a rental Beemer for the ride that he packed with all the gear he needed, or so he thought. As we travel up the road with him, we come to understand that his packing could be described as a “good intention”: he tried, but failed. With a tent not fit for the cold Arctic summer nights, snowboarding pants as gear, and candy bars as snacks, Tim learns a hard lesson as he faces a much more rugged and difficult journey than he had anticipated.

The 18-minute video is a reality-check into what riders should prepare themselves for should they want to attempt the ride. With only three towns spread along the highway, the gas stops are sparse at distances that aren’t necessarily bike-friendly, Tim packed an extra fuel can. As he makes his way north, he also comes to understand that he has underdressed for the task as the temperature averages 46 °F. Halfway through the video, we also get a little lesson in packing and strapping gear properly as Tim shares he has lost his camping gear that’s fallen off the bike. He finally reaches Deadhorse where a tiny, cozy, and costly hotel room awaits him for the night.

The video gets us some interesting insight into the harsh reality of hitting the road unprepared. It might sound cliché, but especially on a road like the Dalton Highway, you can never over plan. Thankfully, Tim made it back to the alpha camp safely with the Dalton checked off his bucket list and no intention of ever do it again.


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