September 8 will be your chance to spread the Ural love thanks to the International Ural Ride Day. Give rides, win prizes and make the world a better place.

#Sharethechair and make the world a little better

The Ural is that one bike 99.9 percent of people have heard of. Whether you're a hardcore aficionado or know nothing about bikes, if I say "the quirky Russian sidecar", the lightbulb usually turns on. If you are passionate enough to own a "quirky Russian sidecar", September 8 will be your chance to share your love of the three wheel: it's the International Ural Ride Day!

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To partake in the day-long celebration of Ural motorcycles, all you have to do is go for a ride and #sharethechair. The goal is to give as many rides in your sidecar as possible and take pictures with everyone. Now that's a pretty cool way of making new friends. Each picture you share using the #sharethechair tag on social media will award you points which in turn could allow you to win prizes.

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One passenger equals one point unless they are wearing a uniform, in which case you get two. And if you can manage to offer a ride to a Russian who's never been on a Ural, that's worth three points. For every ten passengers you give a ride to, you earn a star decal.

Ural swag will also be given to the winners of best photos in a number of parallel categories, including funniest, wildest, etc. The big winner will receive a (mystery) prize package from Ural.

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Ural would like to set a record for the highest number of sidecar rides given worldwide. The team also encourages participants to promote safety and provide a helmet for their passengers and take it easy! Try not to scare the bejeezus out of your copilots. So all Ural riders out there, unite and spread the three-wheel love on September 8.

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