Thanks to the guys at Urban Rider in London, we're able to exclusively reveal these jackets from the 2010 Belstaff Pure Motorcycle collection. Since its purchase by an Italian conglomerate in 2004, Belstaff's functional safety gear has been hard to find, suffering under a company placing influence on its fashion line. That's changing. Starting  with these jackets Belstaff hopes to return to offering simple, high quality, good looking clothing for motorcyclists.
All the jackets featured above are designed to survive crashed and bad weather and are fitted with CE armor in the shoulders and elbows. Some use simple foam back protectors, but as with most jackets, you're best off replacing those with something safer. Knox makes some good back protectors that work with just about any jacket.

Urban Rider currently has three of these available for pre-order for September delivery. US buyers can subtract 17.5% from the quoted prices since they aren't legally obligated to keep Members of Parliament's jacuzzis stocked with caviar and champagne.

Belstaff XL 500
Our favorite out of this range, the XL 500 is a recreation of the '70s original. It's updated with a heavyweight nylon and is now 100% waterproof. At first glance, the bright blue might look dorky, but it'll be the antithesis of too-tough black leather, meaning its sharp lines will look way more stylish.

Belstaff Laurel Bank Blouson
The exterior looks like polyester, but is actually a heavy gum textile with good weather protection and, thanks to leather panels, good abrasion resistance.

Belstaff Stirling Bend Blouson
A classic black leather sport-riding jacket, the classic lines and understated nature conceal very solid, over-built construction.

Urban Rider

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