The 2009 Isle of Man TTXGP is quickly developing from a neat little PR stunt about electric bikes to a full-fledged knock-down drag-out race. Adding a second Enertia TTR to the event, Brammo has considerably upped the ante and, as far as we know, are the first and only manufacturer to run a full-fledged 2-bike team.

Similar to the MotoCzysz E1pc, Brammo's TTR is running a modular battery system, this time comprised of 8 units. However, the motor configuration for the TTR is listed as a single unit in contrast the the E1pc's variable triple housing unit. Even more interesting is the TTR's listed weight of 360lbs. As the manufacturers search for more power, the density of the monster battery packs has made the weight of these machines comparable to superbikes. How that will affect performance and handling remains to be seen.


The Brammo Enerita TTR will be making its competitive debut on the Isle of Man on June 12, 2009 in the inaugural TT Xtreme Grand Prix, the first zero emissions motorcycle race in the world.
The Enertia TTR started as the production Enertia with its extruded aluminum frame rails, distinctive flowing bodywork, and unique battery mounting system as the basis. Key components were then "overvolved" where necessary for the demands of racing and super-high performance. "Overvolved" is a way of thinking at Brammo that will be applied for future product offerings.



Battery: 8 Twelve-Volt Modules, 8 kWh Lithium Polymer, 100 Volts Peak Battery Bus
Motor: Brushless Design, Permanent Magnet, AC Synchronous
Frame: Extruded Aluminum from SAPA, stock/production rails
Body: Stock/production Enertia body panels
Fairing: Brammo sourced, OE spec
Rear Section: Brammo Design, SLA by SCICON Technologies
Weight: 360 Lbs.
Wheelbase:  55.5"
Seat height:  34.5"
Ground clearance:  7"
Forks: Brammo-spec, OE-sourced, Traxxion Dynamics AK, Gas Cartridge kitted
Shock: Elka - tunable compression & rebound
Steering Stabilizer: Ohlins
Wheels: Marchesini
Front: 17" Forged Magnesium
Rear: 17" Forged Magnesium
Brakes: Brembo - Brammo-spec
Tires: Dunlop - Brammo-spec, Isle of Man compound


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