Owning a motorcycle in New York is prohibitively expensive and a huge hassle. In addition to the usual ownership and maintenance costs, you've got to worry about enormous insurance premiums and the cost of storage; keep your bike on the street and it's virtually guaranteed that it'll get stolen or destroyed. In fact, it's such a ridiculous pain in the ass to own a bike here that there's a lot of people who can ride, but don't or people that have to settle for owning a shittier motorcycle than than they could otherwise afford. Enter Jupiter's MotoShare, for less money than owning a single bike you could have access to an entire fleet.

The MotoShare model is a little bit similar to that of the

Jupiter's MotoShare cuts the cost of riding
That $1,999 fee is likely lower than the cost of making payments on, insuring, storing and maintaining any single bike mentioned above and you don't have to worry about the hassle of arranging any of those services, it's all taken care of in that price.

Chris doesn't just want people to toodle around town on the bikes, he wants people to use them for long trips and adventures. There's also a Jupiter's in Los Angeles, members can pick up a bike there and ride it around SoCal or all the way back to New York if they want.

There's also a social scene growing up around Jupiter's HQ in Gowanus. Need people to ride with? You'll probably find them there. Need a place to drink beer and chat bikes? Go hang out.

Interested? Check it out:

Jupiter's MotoShare

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