Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR. Try saying that three times fast. The name may be overly complex and needlessly long, but the boots are simple and to the point. They combine motorcycle specific ankle protection, a steel and TPU (plastic) shank and ridged toe-box with traditional hiking boot features like a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, chunky sole and durable leather construction. There is some reflective stuff on the back of the boot, but it's as tastefully applied as possible and totally unobtrusive. Yes, Virginia, there really can be normal-looking riding gear that still protects you.

Why would you want hiking boots that can also pass for motorcycle gear? If the answer doesn't immediately jump out at you, don't worry. You just haven't discovered motorcycle camping yet. Owning a set of these means you don't have to make the choice between packing hiking boots or wearing them on the ride out. Expect to see these retailing in stores and online for $199.95 after August 20 and our full review shortly thereafter.

What makes these boots really special is that you're getting real motorcycle boot protection in a package that will also look and work off the bike. No bullshit. Your ankles will be protected from impacts, your toes are protected from crushing and the shank in the sole will keep your foot from getting bent in half. What we're hoping is that they're as good to hike around in as they are to ride in.

These are the first of an impressive new range of products Alpinestars is releasing for 2012 that we'll be covering over the next few days. We've already managed to crash test the 2012 Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support.

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