Already leaving its gear-for-squids image behind with a high quality-to-price ratio and innovative features like the incorporation of D3O armor, Icon’s new products for Fall, 2011 bring a welcome dose of understated style and peerless function to their range. How about some no-logo armored overpants that look just like jeans, armored gloves capable of operating touchscreens and a pair of women’s riding boots that could finally combine race boot function with off-the-bike style?

Brawnson Overpant

Icon gets practical

These aren’t baggy jeans. They’re anti-abrasion, anti-impact overpants designed to be worn over your baggy jeans when you’re commuting or just riding around town and do so without making you look like a doofus. Sizing is spec’d thusly, if you have a 34 waist and you plan to wear these over your 34 jeans, buy a size 34. If you plan to wear them all by themselves, size down. Weighed down by not a single logo, these are the kind of basic, practical, safe piece of riding gear we like to see, especially at their $95 price. Knee armor is CE-approved, but they aren’t waterproof.

Justice Touchscreen Glove

Icon gets practical

Simple, short-cuff black leather gloves with decent knuckle and finger armor for $100. They've got awesome Pittards Microvent Goatskin on the backs of the fingers and hand to provide ventilation and sci-fi nanotech leather on the underside that works on touchscreens. With Aerostich also selling touch-screen elk skin ropers, it might actually make sense to get a bike mount for your iPhone now.

Sacred Tall Boot

Icon gets practical

If you're a lady that rides, you already know that your gear selection is limited. These boots should help. Our lady friends tell us they’d actually wear these and, if they did, they’d be rewarded with safety — a steel shank in the sole prevents foot crushing, armor in the heel and shin protects against impacts — feel and flexibility. These are the first women’s boots from Icon that don’t use some ridiculously tall heel, meaning girls will really be able to ride in these. That red logo on the heel is the only detractor, marking these as sports equipment rather than fashionable footwear.


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