That legendary American brand that just can’t seem to finally rest in the sacred burial ground of its ancestors is now set for archaeological excavation by those noble savages over at Polaris. The first all-new Indian has just lumbered off the assembly line at Polaris global HQ in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The smoke signals are all saying the same thing: this Chief definitely ain’t the last of the Mohicans and, in a very few moons, all you cowboys could be riding Indians! But, the question is: will construction workers, leather daddies and traffic cops be able to smokum this peace pipe too? How many trade beads will it take to mount this redskin? And what does this mean for those comatose Custers over in Milwaukee? Lets lift up the loincloth and have a peek at this all new Indian. A visit to the technology teepee reveals a vast Paleolithic arsenal of features like front and rear suspension, disc brakes and chrome exhaust pipes. This honest injun even brandishes some real boom-stick tech too, in the form of fuel injection! Not going too far with all of that white man’s big medicine, Indian has decided to stay true to is heritage with a 45-degree, single-cam pushrod motor throbbing with an impressive 65 rear wheel hosepower (horses just being introduced, you see). The fully loaded Deluxe weighs in at a warrior-worthy 753 pounds, so you can be sure that the engineers at the wigwam aren’t Indian givers when it comes to delivering the most motorcycle for the buck. This new Chief ain’t no papoose! I takes a real hunter/gatherer to ride this buffalo, and will definitely make Chief Little Horn feel like Chief Big Horn! The first new Indian rolled off the Polaris production line this week. No need to check those trade blankets for smallpox, this new Indian is what’s causing that unscratchable itch! And speaking of scratching, once you get your moccasins on those generous floorboards, you are gonna leave your mark on twisty roads all over the reservation! Just don’t be too brave, cause this bike was never meant for wounded knee dragging, it’s built for long distance comfort for both you and your squaw. You had better start saving that wampum now cause all of those classic looks come with a hefty price, $25,000 to $30,000 estimated. A real poke in the hontas, but definitely worth its weight in war clubs. With unique, yet distinctly American styling and simply stunning war paint, this Crazy Horse shouts “Me scalpum big section of heavyweight cruiser market share!” Will Indian finally end its trail of tears? Will this tribe finally get to tomahawk the competition? Will the medicine men at the helm of Indian successfully navigate the labyrinth of the motorcycle industry (or maize, if you prefer)? Only the Great Spirit knows, but one thing is for sure, this new Chief is doing one heck of a rain dance!

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