Hell For Leather can exclusively reveal that the American Motorcyclist Association has decided to welcome TTXGP into the mainstream racing fold, officially sanctioning the series beginning this year. This is a huge leap forward for electric motorcycle racing, effectively legitimizing it in the eyes of sponsors, teams and fans. It also puts the nail in the coffin of the rival FIM e-Power series, TTXGP now has the keys the world’s largest motorcycle racing sanctioning body’s castle. In fact, the AMA is FIM North America.

“The AMA will prove to be the catalyst for us to properly engage local, state and federal governments, international governing organizations and the court of public opinion,” says Azhar Hussain, the founder and CEO of TTXGP.

AMA sanctions TTXGP

“We’re eager to work with the organizers and race teams that are leading the development of electric-powered competition motorcycles,” stated Joe Bromley, the AMA’s director of racing. “The TTXGP North American Championship will showcase technology that will potentially play a significant role in the future of racing.”

What this means is that TTXGP is now a legitimate race series in the same vein as AMA Pro Racing. In turn, that makes it easier for TTXGP to attract sponsorship, coverage and participants. TTXGP is now the de facto place to race electric motorcycles.

The FIM and TTXGP have been slowly making up this year after a false start to a collaborative race series dissolved and the FIM stole TTXGP’s rules. The two ran competing series last year, with FIM failing to attract much in the way of participation at any event aside from the one-off at Laguna Seca MotoGP. Last month it was announced that the two bodies would again be collaborating, with the lack of details indicating that the relationship is still strained.

AMA sanctions TTXGP

Photo: Paul Bresk

Why should you care? Not only does this remove a barrier to electric motorcycle development, but it adds a strong incentive for larger teams and larger companies to become involved. More participants, more money and more interest means more rapid development of electric motorcycle technology which means we’ll be seeing more and better electric products that much sooner.

“We feel this is a fantastic step in the acceptance of zero-carbon motorsport,” concludes Azhar.

TTXGP’s first race in North America this year will be at Infineon on May 14 and 15. You can get $10 off the price of entry by visiting the TTXGP website.

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