If only be barely, but the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 has been updated with a view to optimizing performance and handling. It’s a little lighter, has a little more mid-range and looks slightly different. Here’s details of the 14 changes Suzuki made to it, plus a whole mess o’ images and action video.


- Thanks to Suzuki 's uncompromising efforts to shave excess weight, the 2012 GSX-R1000 is 2kg lighter than its predecessor.

- The 4-2-1 exhaust system, carrying a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) valve maximizing torque and improving throttle response, especially in the low-to-mid rpm range. And less weight at the back of the bike means better mass-centralization, turns into better handling performance.photo 1

Lighter, more durable forged pistons designed with the same Finite Element Method (FEM) and fatigue analysis technology used for MotoGP racing engines, and consequently the pistons are 11% lighter.

- New pentagonal shaped ventilation holes (instead of rectangular shape in previous model) in the sides of each cylinder bore reduce pumping losses due to internal crankcase air-pressure resistance to downward piston movement.

- Optimized camshaft profiles for great racing potential, developed using proven MotoGP racing engine technology.

- Optimally shaped combustion chambers and an increased compression ratio of 12.9:1 (up from 12.8:1) promote low-range and mid-range performance and help to realize a broad torque curve.

Thinner material for the tappet skirts means a weight saving of 2.5 grams per tappet. The reduced inertial mass gave Suzuki the freedom to optimize the valve lift curve.

- An engine control module (ECM) provides state-of-the-art engine management and has optimized settings to suit the single muffler, resulting in better fuel economy and linear throttle response.

- The front disk brakes are equipped with the top-of-the-line radial-mount Brembo monobloc calipers and lighter Sunstar Engineering front discs.

- Big Piston Frontforks (BPF) with an endurance-race-proven design deliver superb feedback and responsive, stable operation, and are lightweight. For 2012 model, suspension settings are refined for the bike's lower weight and the shift in centre of gravity.

- The lightweight and high-grip front and rear tyres reduce unsprung weight for sharp handling.

Attention to rider comfort includes a carefully shaped seat with new high-grip leather for better holding feel.

- The wheels have red pin stripes punctuated by "R" logos that highlight the bike's identity.

The bike 's identity is emphasized by bigger “GSX-R” graphics and more extensive use of Suzuki 's signature blue colour on the bodywork.

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