Look at the list of features incorporated into this new Schuberth S2: integrated sun visor, two Bluetooth antennas, huge vents, and an incredibly low noise level (just 85dB at 62mph). All that paints a picture of a nice touring helmet, right? Comfy, quiet, versatile, heavy. But it’s not heavy. A medium weighs just 1,450g, 100g less than the new Bell Star Matte Carbon. Combined with excellent aerodynamic stability developed in wind tunnel testing, that’s make this helmet perfect for canyon carving, commuting or virtually any type of riding this side of getting dirty. It even uses a ratchet mechanism on the straps, combining the ease of seatbelt-style closures with the perfect fit of D-rings.

Update: according to reader Miles Prower, the S2 will be available in the US for $699.

This new S2 replaces the old S1Pro as Schuberth’s full-face road helmet. It brings improved aerodynamic stability, improved ventilation, equivalent quietness and more features to a lower weight. That old S1pro weighed 1,520g for a size medium.

Distinctive spoilers front and rear are designed to make the helmet aerodynamically neutral at high speed. No lift, no downforce, no buffeting. That means reduced neck strain, reduced fatigue over long distances and will make it easier to move your head around at high speeds, increasing vision, awareness and therefore safety. Every subconsciously skipped a lifesaver on the highway because you were just too tired? That shouldn’t be necessary.

Schuberth is also proud of its switchable ventilation system, which actively draws air through large front vents and out the rear thanks to an engineered low pressure area there. That’s not uncommon in high-end helmets, but a ridiculous level of attention to detail with vents closed is. The German company pays careful attention to CO2 levels accumulating inside the helmet with the vents closed (the neck roll fits nice and tight), making sure enough fresh air is flowed through the chin vent at low speeds so that carbon dioxide build up doesn’t tire you out.

Schuberth S2: the everything helmet?

Other details include reflective material on the neck roll, which will enhance visibility from the rear at night without ruining the helmet’s clean lines with reflective paint. The ratchet closure is also light and easy. Where seatbelts go out of perfect adjustment very quickly, but are easy to use and D-Rings achieve a perfect fit every time, but can be difficult and time consuming to thread, the ratchet is super easy to use and perfectly tailors fit every time it’s used. Those straps are then retained to the rear of the shell by supplementary straps, reducing chances of the helmet rolling off the head in a severe crash.

Popular amongst touring riders, the S2 is also Bluetooth ready, incorporating two antennas into the shell which should drastically improve reception.

The S2 achieves all the above, while coming in so light, because it’s made to the softer, safer, ECE22.05 standard. As such, it should be better at preventing concussions than harder, heavier rivals.

No word on whether or not the recently recreated Schuberth North America plans to import the S2.

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