Alpinestars is seriously upgrading its off-road protection equipment for

Fall 2010, finally offering real knee braces and integrating its Bionic

Neck Support into its armor jackets and chest protection to make it

more effective. The safety offered by that chest protector alone has

been increased also, with it now incorporating a real back protector for

the first time. Details of the new products below.

Alpinestars B2 Carbon Knee Brace
Rather than simply offering impact protection, as Astars' previous knee armor has done, this is a proper knee brace that protects the joint from sideways flex and hyper extension as well as impacts. Two solid carbon frames are joined by stainless steel hinges, forming a very slim package that shouldn't prove bulkier than existing knee armor. The degree of extension permitted can be adjusted between zero and 20 degrees and the braces can be used for post-operation support as well as protection. Unlike many similar products, these Astars braces are relatively affordable; just $350.

Alpinestars A-10 Chest Protector
Finally much more than a flimsy plastic roost deflector, this chest protector offers seriousĀ  CE-approved protection for the chest, collar bones and back, while integrating attachment points for the sold-separately Bionic Neck Support so that users don't have to wear the dinky armpit straps to keep the BNS on. Integrating the BNS mounts brings safety benefits, ensuring that the support is correctly located and secure during a crash and that its function isn't obstructed by improperly fitting gear.

Alpinestars Bionic Protection Jacket for BNS
Essentially identical to the existing Bionic Protection Jacket in all but detail, this new jacket integrates attachment points for the Bionic Neck Support and moves the chest armor out of its way for proper fit. Another update includes the addition of lycra to the collar, chest and upper arms, where the previous jacket (which I wear) used the Predator net all over.

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