“But aren’t motorcycles dangerous?!” John Q. Public invariably asks the second s/he learns you ride, not so much worried for your safety as they are with making an excuse for why they’re so boring. “Of course they are, that’s why we ride them,” you answer. Danger, injury and death are a part of what we do and who we are. That’s why we want to reward you for the risks you take and ...

“But aren’t motorcycles dangerous?!” John Q. Public invariably asks the second s/he learns you ride, not so much worried for your safety as they are with making an excuse for why they’re so boring. “Of course they are, that’s why we ride them,” you answer.

Danger, injury and death are a part of what we do and who we are. That’s why we want to reward you for the risks you take and the accidents you’ve survived with some gear that’ll make your next crash hurt less. That’s right, show us your best scars and you’ll stand a chance of winning head-to-toe Icon riding gear.

Update: We're getting some great entries, check them out here, but be warned: they're gross!

Entering the contest is simple, upload pictures of your gnarliest injury to our Facebook page along with a brief description of how they happened and the extent of said injuries. Make sure you tag yourself in the photos. Winners will be decided based on pictures of their overall injury, including shots of them laying by the roadside unconscious, sitting in an Emergency Room getting asphalt scrubbed out of their wounds with steel wool, having bits of metal inserted in their bodies and the scars that resulted from all the above. Here’s the kicker, you have to include a current picture of the scar resulting from said injury with “HFL” written on it in sharpie or similar. This is to ensure that the injury belongs to you.

We’ll give you two weeks — the deadline is October 11 — to submit the above material, then we’ll collect it, narrow it down to a shortlist, then we’ll run a poll here on HFL to decide the winners.

We’re not going to require that entries be only bike-related injuries as there’s no way we could enforce that, but readers will be voting on the winner based on the overall injury package, including your write up, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of submitting any kitten maulings or something else similarly lame.

This should be obvious, but under no circumstances should you go out and injure yourself in order to enter this contest. If you do, and we find out, you’ll be disqualified and publicly mocked.

Here’s the part you’re waiting for, details of the prizes.

First Place

Icon Variant Helmet

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off
The ultimate urban riding helmet will make you look like Master Chief and features more venting than we’ve ever seen on any helmet before. Certified to the all-conquering ECE-22.05 safety standard. We've got one and it's extraordinarily nice.

Icon Overlord Prime Jacket

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off
Constructed from 1.2-1.4mm thick cowhide, the Overlord Prime represents the culmination of everything Icon’s learned about making leather jackets. There’s removable CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, external plastic sliders on the back, shoulders and elbows and a removable wind-resistant vest.

Icon Overlord Gloves

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off
Kangaroo palms and goatskin uppers bring abrasion resistance and good feel, while articulated knuckles make them flexible.

Icon Strongarm 2 Jeans

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off
Tough denim backed up with an anti-abrasion Kevlar liner. Relaxed fit.

Icon Super Duty 4 Boots

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off
A Steel shank, ankle protection and rubber knubs designed to grab the shift lever are cleverly hidden inside street styling.

Eternal Fame.

That’s a street value in excess of $1,100, not including the fame, which is priceless.

Second Place

Icon Variant Helmet

Third Place

Icon Overlord Gloves


All items will be provided in the color and size of the winner’s choosing.

So why are we doing this? Believe it or not, we don’t make Hell For Leather for the huge financial rewards it reaps us or even the celebrity, we make it for you guys and we wanted to show you some love. Icon feels the same way, so they agreed to provide the prizes. No money changed hands, we both just wanted to do something nice for you.

Let’s break down the entry process step by step.

1. Like both Icon and HFL on Facebook.

2. Collect pictures of your best injury. Take a new photo of the scar that’s leftover with “HFL” written on that scar to prove that it belongs to you.

3. Upload those photos to our Facebook wall (you’ll have to upload each one individually, sorry, Facebook’s a pain), tag yourself in each photo and include with one of the photos a brief writeup explaining how you received said injury and what the extent of it was.

4. Do all that by October 11, 2010.

5. Come back to HFL on October 18 and vote in the poll to decide who wins.

Only photos submitted to our Facebook page in the above manner will be accepted. Do not email us photos. Make sure you tag yourself in all of them and make sure to include a current picture of your scar with “HFL” written on it. In order to qualify, all entrants must also Like Icon on Facebook. No Facebook account? Tough, make one. Failure to comply with all the above instructions will result in disqualification. We won't hesitate to disqualify anyone that tries any shenanigans.

Here’s an example:

I want to enter these photos of my broken arm.

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off

Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off

So I wrote “HFL” over the top of my scar and snapped a quick pic. I’ll upload all three to Facebook, tag myself in them and include a brief write up:

“In 2008 I crashed a WR250X supermoto on Palomar Mountain. I have no recollection of the accident and there were no witnesses, but my friends found me unconcious by the side of the road halfway down a mile-long straight. This particular injury is called a “Galleazi fracture” which means my wrist snapped in half and the wrist bones popped out of the wrist cup. The surgeon agreed to snap this picture while I was under because he was so excited about the Porsche 911 Turbo he was going to buy with what I was paying him to fix me. I made a full recovery, but I regularly set off metal detectors at Charles De Gaulle airport, who are now convinced I’m a terrorist.”

All that goes on HFL’s Facebook wall, I tag myself in the photos and voila, entered.

Here’s a bunch of small print to make sure we don’t get sued:

Hell For Leather Scar Off Contest Rules, Terms, and Conditions

Hell For Leather’s 1st Annual Scar Off Contest begins September 27, 2010, and ends October 12, 2010, at 12:01am Eastern Standard Time (EST). By submitting an entry, each contestant agrees to the rules of the contest and states that they are 18 years old or older.

Who may enter:
Photographers 18 years old or older—except for individuals affiliated with Hell For Leather Media, including employees, Regents, trustees, interns, volunteers, fellows, research associates and their immediate families (children, siblings and spouses) and others living in their households—are eligible. Hell For Leather will determine winners’ eligibility.

What to enter:

Photographs must have been shot by the entrant within the past three (3) years (since January 1, 2008).

Cropped photos are eligible in all categories. We do not accept digitally or otherwise enhanced or altered photos. Minor adjustments, including spotting, dodging and burning, sharpening, contrast and slight color adjustment or the digital equivalents, are acceptable. If our judges see that a photographer has obviously altered his or her photo, they reserve the right to disqualify it.

For a photo in which a person is recognizable, you must secure a model release from the subject or, in the case of a minor, the subject’s parent or guardian and provide it to Hell For Leather upon request.

Photographs that have won any other contests or have been published in magazines and newspapers (except online) are not eligible. We define winning as having won a grand prize or  1st, 2nd, or 3rd place overall. Photos that violate or infringe upon another person’s rights, including copyright, are not eligible.

Subject Matter:

Hell For Leather does not condone in any way any illegal activity, immoral activity, or activity that resulted in injury to yourself or others. Any entry where injury was inflicted upon any person including yourself specifically for the intentional purpose of entering this contest is not eligible. Hell For Leather encourages you to always operate your motorcycle in a safe manner and within the boundaries of the law. Hell For Leather accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with the activities that generate the photographic entry. Any activity related to the photo entry you undertake at your own risk.

How to enter:
Please submit photographs on-line through our website at http://facebook.com/hellforleather We do not accept photographs submitted through the mail. Submit no more than seven (7). We do not accept more than one contestant per Facebook account.

High-quality scans of non-digital photographs are acceptable. Digital photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible. Complete a separate form for each photo submitted. Photographs must be in a .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format. Files submitted may not be larger than 2,048k (2Mb).

Hell For Leather reserves the right to disqualify contestants who are unable to submit, upon request, a high-resolution photograph of at least 300 dpi at 8 x 10 inches or an original photo negative, print or slide.

By entering the contest, entrants grant Hell For Leather a royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, reproduce, and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any educational, promotional, publicity, exhibition, archival, scholarly, and all other standard Hell For Leather purposes.  Any photograph reproduced will include a photographer credit as feasible.  Hell For Leather will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses.

Entry deadline: 
All entries must be received by 12:01am Eastern Time on October 12, 2010.

Judging will be conducted by the employees of Hell For Leather. Winning photographs and selected finalists will be published in their own online news story. Decisions of the judges will be final.

Hell For Leather judges will post the best of the incoming entries on our website .

Please do not contact us about the status of entries.

The contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Hell For Leather reserves the right to cancel the contest or modify these rules at its discretion. Decisions of Hell For Leather will be final.


Grand Prize: Head-to-toe Icon riding gear.

Category Winners:
Second place: Icon helmet.

Third place: Icon gloves.

Got a tip for us? Email: tips@rideapart.com