Looks like Cycle World has gone ahead and published embargoed information and images of the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R ahead of the model's official unveiling on October 5. Even more images below.

Update: we've just spoken to Kawasaki who say CW's 200hp claim is only an estimate. The company hasn't arrived at an official horsepower number yet as it's still trying to finalize the arrangement of the exhaust in order to meet noise regulations while still presumably posting an S1000RR-beating peak figure.

Update 2: more and larger photos.

This new issue of Cycle World is apparently a pre-release copy of the current issue that "accidentally" reached stands in the LA area a week ahead of time. We're privy to the same information and have the same images that CW has, however, Kawasaki asked us very nicely to hold off on publishing any more material than what can be seen here until the official embargo on October 5. Until then, stay tuned, somehow we're sure that better scans will allow us to print more info and show you more images.

This incident is a perfect example of why releasing any embargoed information at all is simply a terrible idea. No matter how tightly manufacturers try to control information and hand it out to their inner circle of cronies, it almost always leaks. Instead, manufacturers would be far better served by releasing information to media outlets and the public at the same time, let honest competition decide who gets it first. In this case, it seems Cycle World's demotion to second tier publishing at Hachette Filipacchi has disrupted the magazine's normal distribution schedule. Actually, don't worry too much about this occurring in the future, several manufacturer reps have told us that Cycle World is largely expected to be the next publication to follow Cycle News into oblivion.

Oh and that shot of someone riding the ZX-10R in Cycle World leathers? That's someone from Kawasaki wearing them to make it look like CW has ridden the bike. Kawasaki says they haven't.

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