Argentina has become a premiere port of call for adventurous motorcyclists. Here are 3 best motorcycle videos: Argentina has to offer.

The South American country of Argentina is known for its rich culture and biodiversity. It is the eighth largest country in the world and is an extremely popular tourist destination. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the most visited cities in South America and its national parks are host to a wide range of spectacular landscapes. Naturally, Argentina has become a premiere port of call for motorcyclists looking for an adventure. Here are three videos that will have you planning your next motorcycle trip.

RideTheWorldTogether - Motorcycle Argentina Chile

Coburn and Erin Black are a Canadian couple who have embarked on a worldwide motorcycle adventure on their matching 07 BMW F650GS Dakars. This is their video from Argentina and parts of Chile. You can follow their ongoing journey at:

BrainRotting: Episode 13 - Argentina, Ushuaia Ruta 40 BMW F650gs Adventure Motorcycle Overland

Not unlike the Blacks, YouTube user, Graham Styles documented his motorcycle trip that spanned the Americas. Rather than putting together your typical GoPro footage with music, Styles opted to include informative commentary and cheeky humor in his video, which makes this a fun video to watch.

Ride Along with Argentina’s Special Armed Motorcycle Police

And now for something completely different… Apparently, Argentina has a specialized police unit that rides motorcycles. These guys are not your average motorcycle cops, they ride two to a bike and wear tactical gear reminiscent of a SWAT team. You definitely do not want to get on the wrong side of these guys.

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