Following a year off, RideApart’s favorite line of motorcycle denim is going back on sale. Deth Killers just re-opened its web store, complete with updated jeans featuring new, more traditional fits and upgraded features.

Regular readers will be familiar with the Deth Killers brand; I’m frequently pictured wearing my pair. By incorporating Kevlar fibers into the denim weave, these jeans do without the Kevlar inner panels used in most other riding jeans, as well as the awkward external stitching that comes with them. Further distinguishing the Deth Killers jeans from other brands are modern, fashion-conscious washes and cuts. These jeans will keep you safe, while looking as good as anything your non-riding peers have on.

New for 2014 are “indestructible” pocketing front and rear, reinforced rear pockets and reinforced side seems designed to prevent blowouts while sliding.  In the three years I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve had all the above problems, so these are smart changes. My pockets are in tatters and I blew out the knee stitching during a small low side awhile back. Not a lick of road rash and a tailor was easily able to repair the damage, but it did leave me with a small, abraded hole in the knee (pictured).

Deth Killers denim jean

Other than that, they’ve been perfect, standing up to the rigors of day-to-day wear and urban motorcycle riding with equal aplomb, while developing a nice, faded patina in the process.

I’m not the only one to have experience a surprising degree of abrasion protection while wearing Deth Killers jeans. Reader Scott Pargett credits his with saving his hide during a major highway get-off this summer.

In fact, my only real problem is that a weight-lifting regimen has grown my quads to the point where they barely squeeze into the jeans’ legs. Thankfully, Deth Killers now has a new, more generous cut.

“For this new round of denim, we are introducing a new style similar in fit to Levi’s 501s that  we're calling ‘105s,’” Deth Killers head honcho Greg Minnig tells us. “We are also continuing to offer our original cut, ‘Slim Guy,’ as well as new t-shirts and tank tops.”

What took so long? Greg’s been busy, saying, “I’ve been working on new designs, perfecting patterns and sourcing materials. We’ve got even more stuff coming in the New Year.”

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