Pictured here is Steve Atlas, back from injuring his back and hand on May 4, riding to victory at the Portland International Raceway round of the TTXGP. Steve and this 130bhp Brammo Empulse RR achieved a resounding victory in a field that only included seven bikes after the two MotoCzysz entries suffered mechanical trouble.

Update: word from MotoCzysz.

More than a simple win in an under-contested race, the finish represents a return to form form the company after motor controller issue saw both Atlas and Steve Rapp suffer violent highsides at Infineon, resulting in injuries for both riders.

Atlas's 1:17.768 best lap is still slower than Michael Czysz's own 1:16.162, set last year on the E1pc or his team's 1:15.839 time during practice for this year's race in damp to drying conditions.

"We told TTXGP, day one, that PIR was scheduled too close to IOM to guarantee we could participate," Michael Czysz told us yesterday. "We received the bikes from the shipper at 5:00pm Friday, before the weekend race. We did what we could, but had to show up with the IOM set up. Bikes were really fast even in damp conditions (4-5 seconds ahead of the field), but the IOM battery pack is not a power, but an energy pack and could not supply the current we needed. A complete meltdown was possible, so we parked them. The fact is, the bikes need to be set up for the task at hand, anything less (while risking significant damage) is just not professional."

It's also worth checking out Atlas's new Icon Airmada helmet, due for public release later this year. It's a new high-end model targeted at Arai and Shoei. Sure looks good in that houndstooth Brammo lightning bolt livery.

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