Recently, there have been comments that HFL is changing, and that's true. Such is the life of a small, growing online company. Some of you have also noticed the subscriber-based pay wall has actually been non-functional for some time now. In fact, it came down just a little while after the last PSA I put up. I promised I'd follow up once I had some concrete to give you, and while I could bore the daylights out of you with tech-talk about widgets, databases, portals and revenue streams, I'd rather just say that HFL has decided to permanently dismantle the pay wall. 

First and foremost, we want to make sure we keep our subscribers happy.

Let's begin with those of you who had recurring plans or who paid for a single month. What changes for you? Nothing. I turned all recurring plans into single-month plans, then I let all your single-month subscriptions lapse, which was set to occur just as the wall came down. That means all of you are taken care of and you can carry on a usual. Huzzah!

"That's great for those people, but I paid for 6 months or a year, and I'm not getting the full subscription I paid for."

For all remaining subscribers, you're right. You have not received the full extent of what you paid for. While HFL could be slimy, email some legal notification that demands response before bothering to structure reimbursement, I refuse to be that kind of guy just as I refuse to let HFL be that kind of company.

To resolve the discrepancy, I've already tabulated each and every one of your subscriptions, the remainders of allotted time as per your subscription plans, and the individual amounts of which you are due. That said, I'll be frank, you're not all getting reimbursed tomorrow. But, HFL will begin immediately sending payments via your individual PayPal accounts and we hope to have all of you taken care of within 30 days.

Can you expect more answers in the forthcoming days and weeks about HFL's direction? Yes, you most certainly can. Wes is so excited and anxious, he's like one of those shaken cans of soda that can barely contain itself from exploding.

On a personal note as HFL's acting CEO, I'd like to offer my deepest, most humble gratitude to all of you who gave money for subscriptions, commented, sent tips, and contributed material, all for the sake of the dialogue. Your participation has fed me, clothed me and paid for the shelter over my head. These past few years of adventures and all of the amazing people I've met along the way, those moments were all made possible because of you, and they've been some of the best in my life. For that, I can only say —

Thank you.

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