For the last few days, I've watched as these stickers have popped up on friends' Instagram feeds. For those of you that aren't huge Sci-Fi nerds, a Reptilian is the bad guy in a series called "V" that was really good back in the '80s, but not so much when ABC brought it back in 2009. That new series was cancelled in 2011. So what gives with these posters? Photo: The Peter Ha Update: looks like the artist is Dima Drjuchin. Update: Dima says: "For me the image came from a movie called Hard Boiled. There were a bunch of men on crotch rockets shooting guns in it. I thought it was funny and an intense way to die. So I made that image. My buddy, comedian Greg Barris, came up with the words. It's a David Icke reference. A bunch of my friends in Brooklyn have Instagramed photos of these stickers over the last few days. Since the new "V" was set there, my first thought was that it's some sort of viral campaign to drum up interest or buzz for a new season. And there is a grassroots campaign attempting to get "V" brought back for another season on a lesser network — CW, TBS and Netflix are the chosen contenders. That campaign is dubbed "Project Alice" and it has over 10,000 signatures on an online petition, an active Facebook page and a Twitter account. Requests for comment on the stickers were not immediately answered. Poking around online, it looks like the stickers appeared around Hollywood as far back as April and there's one on Flickr in which the meta data gives a "2010" date. Flickr meta data can be a little flaky, as it depends on people configuring their cameras properly. If the stickers aren't in some way affiliated with "V" or "Project Alice," then they're likely the work of a graffiti artist. Hollywood and Brooklyn are both popular stops on that circuit. The gun, the bike, the graphics and the "Reptilian Agenda" thing come together to create a somewhat subversive counter culture message. Are our politician's really who we think they are? What agenda needs to be stopped? Bikers are badass, etc. Or, as the Dethkillers' Greg Minnig (coincidentally a neighbor of Pote's) says in Instagram, the posters serve as a great instruction manual. "Handguns with suppressors are the way..." Do you know any more about these posters?

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