The Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler has been plastered all over Hollywood, leading up to the movie's release earlier this month. It was hard not to catch some photo or radio commercial on the daily commute to our Hollywood office. Chris Pratt looks all macho riding through the jungle along side his Raptor sidekicks ready to kick some mutant Dinosaur ass. It always caught my eye, but not because Chris is so handsome, but because of the bike he's riding.

No, an island-based jungle themed park probably wouldn't choose Triumph scramblers for their two-wheeled off-road fleet. Triumph after all, makes the very capable Tiger 800XC, which for our money would do a better job squaring off against carnivorous dinosaurs, mutant ones, or otherwise. But fine, the Triumph Scrambler is semi-capable on the dirt, and looks cooler than it's ADV centric littermate.

Gallery: The Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler; The Clone, The Mistakes and Pratt's New Bike

And yes, I realize I'm trying to apply logic to a movie plot predicated on theme parks filled with reincarnated, mutant dinosaurs where something always goes terribly wrong, yet somehow they keep opening new ones. So alas, a Triumph Scrambler being used as an off pavement park vehicle is probably the only remotely practical thing about the movie.

So while Triumph is getting tons of play with their bike up front, they've done very little in terms of milking it. There is no press release on details of the bike and no real word from Triumph that they were even endorsing it.

We'd have to assume Triumph paid big money to have its bike on the big screen, but that's not confirmed. Similar to how Transformers makes big dough off of Chevy, who features new models and even prototypes specially built for the movie franchise. But then again, Dodge, according to one of its reps, has never paid to be a part of the Fast and Furious franchise—they only supplied vehicles. Either way, the company is certainly getting plenty of marketing worth out of the movie, which opened to a record-breaking weekend.

Here's a Behind the Scenes clip from the movie of Chris dumping the Scrambler.

Luckily, they did in fact gift this bike to Pratt (as he mentions in the above video).

It's also been floated around that Triumph Ducati New York built the bike used in the movie, as their website says: "Check out our newest Custom Motorcycle! We turned a stock Triumph Scrambler into the Custom Scrambler featured in the new Jurassic World movie."

The first thing that caught our eye were the hand guards… that aren't in the movie poster, but they're on the bike in the video below. What about the wrong colored seat, lower mounted exhaust, and luggage rack? Actually, the movie bike was built in-house at Triumph and the New York dealer built a replica for resale.

The Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler; The Clone, The Mistakes and Pratt's New Bike

Triumph wasn't able to provide all the details in the build, but they did provide a list of some of the upgrades over a stock Scrambler:

  • Arrow 2-1 Exhaust
  • Triumph Single Seat and Rack Kit
  • Renthal 7/8” Handle Bars
  • Lucas Tail Light
The Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler; The Clone, The Mistakes and Pratt's New Bike

The thing I found the most refreshing was Chris Pratt's hand placement. It was like watching a music video or action movie with guys holding guns with their fingers resting on the trigger rather than the outside of the trigger guard—a great way to spot a noob. Pratt's fingers are actually correct, covering the brake and clutch. I know it's a nerdy, silly thing to notice, but it caught my eye.

Also ignoring the fact that many of the Jurassic World's most iconic dinosaur players hail from the Cretaceous periods, not the Jurassic—but who's keeping track 60 million years?  And man, that Arrow exhaust sounds good.

So, bad representations of feathered dinosaurs or anti-feminist tones aside, the motorcycle part of the Jurassic World got it semi-right...well, minus a helmet and gear.

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