Before dominating this weekend's WorldSBK race at Mazda Speedway Laguna Seca, Chaz Davies took some time out to walk us around the track. Fielding questions from VIPs and fans, the Welshman was relaxed and friendly as he walked his lines up and down the technical 2.238 mile course.

Walking the Track with WorldSBK Winner, Chaz Davies

Track-Walk with Laguna Seca WorldSBK Winner, Chaz Davies

When asked what he thought of Laguna Seca, The Racing-Ducati SBK Team rider said, "Proper... It's a proper track... In a nutshell, Laguna's where it's at."

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Davies heads out for his warm-up lap for WorldSBK Laguna Seca Race #2.

On Saturday, the 28 year-old set the fastest lap time of 1:22.101 in the Superpole qualifying round, securing the pole position for Sunday's races.

Track-Walk with Laguna Seca WorldSBK Winner, Chaz Davies

During our track-walk, Davies was candid and approachable as he reminisced about his crash that occurred the last time he raced at Laguna Seca:  "A fellow rider asked me how I got back to the pits , and I said, 'on my bike? I actually couldn't remember how I got back'..." 

Looking down Laguna Seca's cork screw, it was almost as if Chaz Davies could see his future atop the WSBK podium

At the top of Mazda Speedway Laguna Seca's infamous "Cork Screw," no question was too big or small for the SBK professional racer. He was equally happy to answer questions from kids as he was from amateur road racers with technical questions about his lines, gear selection, and braking points.

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Amateur racer, Heath Cofran takes notes, as Chaz speaks freely about riding Laguna Seca. <em>The

On Sunday, Chaz Davies would go on to win both World Superbike races by significant margins—beating out fellow Brits Sykes and Rea from Kawasaki Racing team in both outings.

"He doesn't have to take time out to do this kind of thing," commented Heath Cofran from Alpineatars at the end of the walk, "he's such a cool guy."

We couldn't have agreed more.

Chaz Lead both WorldSBK races from the green flag to the checker.
At the end of the track-walk we were all

Track-Walk with Laguna Seca WorldSBK Winner, Chaz Davies

Photos by Jim Downs aka MOTOSTELLA

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Track-Walk with Laguna Seca WorldSBK Winner, Chaz Davies
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