At only 22 years old, Alex Allmandinger already has a promising resume. From Crystal Lake, Illinois, he ascended to the top of the 2015 Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy (IPEA) after beating 11 other finalists. So, what’s the prize? Well, nothing big, just an internship. You know running to get coffee, filing paperwork and oh, working on the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Forumla One team for a full year.

In September, Alex will head to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing headquarters in the UK to embark on a 12-month journey that will give him a working experience like no other. Eight months, of the twelve he has committed, will be devoted to Vehicle Design in Milton Keynes, UK and the resting four months will be occupied with road car development projects at Infiniti’s European Technical Center in Cranfield.

F1 Internship

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Alex Allmandinger is an engineering student from the University of Illinois.

Alex Allmandinger is an engineering student from the University of Illinois.

“It still hasn’t sunk in, but I am incredibly excited about joining the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy,” Alex said in a prepared press release. He then expressed how this is a dream come true and how anxious he was to begin this learning experience.

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The IPEA ultimately produces this event in search of the world’s best up-and-coming engineers. At only its second year, contestants from all over the world have shown enormous interest in such program in hopes of fulfilling one of their dreams. For this year, five placements were available with one winner from Russia, Western Europe, China, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. The work to which these participants are expected to be exposed to are roles spanning vehicle dynamics, vehicle design, aerodynamics, and electronics. Infiniti has genuinely put out a good deed with this by allowing new generations of engineers to begin their training at such an early stage and with a respected team.

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Infiniti Grants F1 Internship to 22-year-old Student
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