4-Wheel madness: RJ Anderson tears ass around some ruins in Youngstown, OH, in a heavily modified 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo.

I am a modest motorcyclist, too many people I know and hang out with are so much better than I am that I often feel like I am just starting out. Get me behind the wheel of something with 4-wheels though, my skill level goes up a couple notches. I had more fun than I probably should have at the Kawasaki Mule FXT-PRO launch a couple months back getting sideways in a farm utility vehicle, but that was nothing compared to RJ Anderson tearing ass around some ruins in Youngstown, OH, in a heavily modified 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo.

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I also thought Dan Brockett from the Drift 4 videos was a madman. But RJ Anderson, you are amazing.

So this is not really motorcycle related but it's still extreme enough and shot so damn well that it deserves every moment of your attention.


The modifications to the Polaris RZR XP are extensive and the course alone took a crew 15 skilled professionals, more than a month to weld, stack, cut, bend and fabricate the custom playground. The 40 person film crew at Mad Media  spent 14 days on location battling dust, rust, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles. All of this is shot in 4k is simply brilliant to behold.

I sat here and watched it three times and there are moments that I've I were sitting shotgun I would have been screaming like a little bitch.  No doubt, I'll admit it.

Hold Up, There's More

The video above is the third in the XP1K series and just showcases the reign of havok these machines are capable of in the hands of an experienced driver.  If you want to watch the first two, they are below for your viewing pleasure.

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