Welcome to RideApart's Motorcycle Holiday Buying Guide. To help clear up the confusion when it comes to finding that perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life, we've made things simple by breaking down great gift ideas by the type of motorcyclist you're buying for. So whether you've got a Hooligan Street racer or a Moto Nerd to buy for, look no further.

The Biker In-Law

Are you disappointed that your nomadic biker-in-law didn’t organize a handy Amazon Wishlist for you this year? And let me guess...his Christmas card didn’t show up either. If you’re stumped for ideas, and can’t figure out how to properly wrap that sixer of Stoh’s beer, we’ve got you covered.

1.  Prism Motorcycle Supple Co: Christmas Promo Package

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Brothers Jake and Zach Hindes build beautiful custom taillights by hand in the their Charlotte, NC shop. This package includes your choice of light, a handsome wooden storage box, and a pocket t-shirt.

Price: $100


2. Rusty Butcher: Death T-Shirt

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

When you really can’t find the best way to articulate your loved ones outlook on life, turn nowhere else than Rusty Butcher. This one says it all.

Price: $28.99


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3. Saint: Motorcycle Denim Vest

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Have you ever seen your biker-in-law pal wearing sleeves? Yeah, didn’t think so. Help him protect what you can with this “unbreakable” denim vest, made from a special material that claims to be eight times tougher than standard denim.

Price: $300


4. Layrite: Original Pomade

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the stuff everyone uses, but hates to buy. Do your pal a favor and stock him up. It smells nice, goes in easy, and gets the inside of your helmet nice and greasy.

Price: $15


5. Simpson: Outlaw Bandit Helmet

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

If the biker in your life rides the power cruiser or Harley, and you worry about that skull-cap he/she calls a helmet, then the Simpson Outlaw Bandit in just the ticket to ease your concern. This Snell M 2010 approved and DOT Rated full face helmet offers way better protection than the brain-bucket they’re currently riding around with and doesn’t mess with that badass, biker look.

Price: $399.95


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6. Cruz Tools: Speedkit HD

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

You know that super cool looking custom chopper your pal rides? It always breaks down. Help him get to work on time with this handy kit specially prepared for Harley-Davidson.

Price: $32


7. Town Moto: Stars & Bikes Bandana

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Keep the bugs out of your teeth with this moto-themed bandana, designed by the fine folks of Town Moto in Toronto.

Price: $11.95


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8. Ryan Duggan: Fuck Work Poster

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Stay in the holiday spirit while classing up their cubicle with this hand printed poster from Chicago-based artist Ryan Duggan.

Price: $40


9. West Coast Customs: 2008 Airstream Custom

For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Are you upset that your biker-in-law never offers to bring you on his journeys? Did you just win the lottery and money's no object? Travel in style in this Airstream-inspired sidecar.

Price: $66,000




For Your Biker-in-Law - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide
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